BLOG: Out of our Comfort Zone?

It’s always better to be busy.  We’re in the throes of final rehearsals for our big gig on the 3rd August, and have just approved the proof of the new CD – ItS is firing on all cylinders.  So while the iron’s hot I’m sitting down to work on my new arrangement – but this one is not for In the Smoke.  Once our August gig is done, our minds turn instantly to a very new kind of concert.  Nearly a year ago, one of our basses Ian Higgins invited us to see his other choir (shocked expressions of acadultery all round) – AOIDE.  He explained that they have a few composers within the choir who write the repertoire they perform – not collegiate pop a cappella like we do, but contemporary choral music.  We felt that there was a nice affinity between that and our philosophy of having all arrangements come from within the group.

Last November I journeyed up to Pinner to hear their Remembrance concert and was blown away – genuinely exciting choral virtuosity, including a daring re-arrangement mixing classic works by Victoria with original music. At the party afterwards talk instantly turned to whether we might experiment with doing something together, and after a few fruitful meetings in the pub over the next few weeks we had a plan.  Their composers would write some things for us, and our arrangers would produce some music for them – each group being pushed a little bit out of their comfort zone.  So Edward, James, Andre and myself are hard at work trying to write things that will show off this amazing choir.  If you’re intrigued by a concert where the contemporary classic and pop sides of a cappella singing co-exist and intermingle, then keep the evening of the 12th October free…


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