BLOG: What do windmills have to do with it?

Just what should we call our fourth album? Discussions began almost as soon as we were on our way to France to record it. Our efforts began with an epic and entertaining quest to find a suitably cringe-inducing pun (does anyone know the French for fog?) – and it was only on our return that we realised that, whilst we might always associate this album with a week in France, perhaps no-one else would! The debate began anew and it seemed the task would not be easy, particularly when the shortlist of potential names started to outnumber the people voting. Much time was given over to discussion; names were suggested or vetoed, lists were shortened then extended again, and elaborate voting systems were devised only to be waylaid by last minute suggestions. The issue became too lengthy for our weekly business meeting (which we hold in the last few minutes of each rehearsal). Additional/lengthy/wardrobe items are often postponed and tackled during post-rehearsal drinks, and so the final album-naming decision happened in our local – The Windmill.

Every Tuesday, after rehearsal, we turn up, steal the comfy seats, move furniture around and make a lot of noise. ‘Wine club’ work out whose turn it is to get the wine, get confused, and end up with more than we planned (or that’s the official story). Several packets of crisps are added to any leftover cookies from the rehearsal and shared around. There is usually some post-match rehearsal analysis, classroom chat from the multitude of teachers, job updates from the freelancers and some karaoke-style harmonising with the background music. Some of us may be too busy to get to the pub or tired after a long day but there’s always good chat and a chance to catch up on the week just gone. The Windmill has also been an impromptu performance space; in fact it was where we unveiled this year’s competition set for the first time. Recently, our fondness for the Windmill has grown to the extent that there’s now a fairly regular pre-rehearsal session, so that those of us with spare time/marking to do/a penchant for Jessica Rabbit sandwiches might amuse ourselves between work and rehearsal.

So, all in all, it seems entirely fitting that our album is named after the place we spend most time together (well, apart from rehearsing, but ’empty office’ didn’t even make the shortlist). If you missed the chance to buy The Windmill Sessions at our gig on Saturday, then you can buy it on iTunes, or from Amazon, or even listen to us on Spotify. Please rate and review us once you’ve had a listen!


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