BLOG: We’re picking up the pace!

This week’s rehearsal saw us polishing all the music for the first half of our gig, including a revival of our Voice Festival UK and Choir of the Year sets (Michael’s Into the Void and Classic Rap Battle, André’s Wichita Lineman and Ed’s Sing a Song), while still leaving us time for a run-through of James’ Disney Medley – at the special request of Shirley, who has been practising being a cat all week.

With just two and a half weeks until gig night everyone is giving it their all, and we’re particularly excited about starting work on the physical aspects of the show at our extra rehearsal on Saturday morning. Just as long as André remembers the coffee.

Bring. It. On.

Independence, eh?
Friday 4 July 2014, 8-10pm (bar open from 7.30pm and during the interval)
Greenwood Theatre, 55 Weston St, London SE1 3RA
Tickets £10 (£5 concession or FREE for under-16s and school pupils)

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