Happy New Year!

In the Smoke returned to rehearsals last week, refreshed, excited and all a bit fatter.

We have an exciting year ahead, with much-anticipated aca-event of the year The Voice Festival approaching in April, and our debut appearance at the Brighton Fringe not long after. Then it’s full speed ahead to the Summer Gig, which has been a real highlight of our calendar in recent years. And the autumn term will no doubt bring its share of turkey-centric holiday gigs.

We’ll also be hoping to reprise ideas that we’ve loved from the past year: collaborations with other excellent groups, getting musically involved with local care homes and hospices, and continuing to expand our repertoire and challenge the notion of what ‘a cappella singing’ looks and sounds like.

And who knows what other opportunities the year may bring…? Whatever they are, we hope to see you all somewhere along the way…

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