VIDEO: Method in the medleys

If you have been a fan of In the Smoke for some time, you may know that we LOVE a medley. Practised hands, their skills sharpened on Britney, The Beatles and Bond, have brought Don’t Stop the Music, Kids’ TV and a Disney Medley to our repertoire.

Earlier this year, we were crowned Voice Festival UK Community Champions having performed our latest medley – a 12-minute musical theatre treat:

Why do we love this format so?

The great advantages of the medley are clear to the audience-focused, the impatient and the indecisive alike. Presenting a new arrangement of a single song to the group might cause division of opinion; medleys are safer as most people will like at least a bit of it! Arranging a whole song needs variety to keep the audience’s interest; changing from song to song means you don’t have to think of another way to do the chorus. What’s more, just choosing what to arrange is never easy; think of the medley as an all you can eat buffet! As you can see, the medley is a secret democratic weapon!

– Shirley-Anne

You can see our Voice Festival UK-winning 12-minute musicals medley AND our infamous 57-song Disney Medley at our summer concert on 31 July 2015. Book your tickets now!

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